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Egypt Rules

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Egypt Rules Empty Egypt Rules

Egypt Rules

•If you break any of the following rules (in all sections of the rules), you will be banned or unvouched.
•Stay friendly and mannered at all times while chatting, posting on forums etc.
•Don't insult anyone - flaming is NOT tolerated in Egypt room.
•All communication MUST be in English at all times on the site, in games (and the game lobby)
•Try to post threads on the forums in the correct section - if you are unsure which is the correct section, post it in "General - Offtopic".
•Registering, owning or using more than one account on Egypt is FORBIDDEN. Multiaccounting will result in a permanent ban.
•Misleading a team or an admin will be punished.
•No hacks are allowed, i.e MapHack etc. Using hacks will result in a permanent ban.
•No pornographic, racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive text or pictures are allowed in profiles or anywhere on the site.
•Flaming admins or ignoring admin warnings will not be tolerated and should you chose to disregard this rule, the admin who warned you may give you.

General Rules
•Latest and current map: Update it from [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
•Any mode can be played at Egypt room.
•It is 5 on 5 - Only 5 vs 5 - 5v4 games will be counted. The stats page will show all over games played on Egypt room but when the analysis at each end of a season is made we only count the 5v5 4v5 games.
•A default win can be claimed by a team if their opposition fails the game and wants to end. (Use !FF command)
•Any team has the right to pause game for up to 5 minutes, but only with a proper countdown of at least 3 seconds. A maximum of 2 pauses per team are allowed per game. A team is also obliged to give a countdown of at least 3 seconds before unpausing.
•If a player disconnects/leaves before 10 minutes both teams are obliged to remake the game. (Use !rmk command) Make sure you report the leaver for game ruin.
•If you remake the game all players must choose exactly the same heroes and same items. Additionally all heroes must be in the same lane as they were for the first game and all wards must be placed on the same places or not placed. After creep contact on the lane you can change lanes.
•If a player disconnects you are allowed to EITHER1) Use the hero and ALL his items as they areOR2) Team sell ALL items from the hero, and freeze the hero ! If you want to take any of the leavers items, kindly pause the game and talk to your team-mates if they agree or not.
•The game is over and the winners found when)The World Tree or Frozen Throne is destroyed)The other team gives up and their captain types "ff" in all chat to confirm that they have given up(note that the captain is always the blue/pink player if playing Captain Mode)
•Backdoor is not allowed.
•Going away from keyboard is forbidden. If there's a gamer that's afk after 2 minutes of game time or haven't picked their hero yet:1) Staff can "!rmk" (Team Captain Privilege))\ Normal gamers must "!votermk". If not submitted, the players that haven't !votermk'd will suffer a ban.
•If you're a team of 4 or 5, you can either sign for the game together and then make sure you all join fast to fix your slots, or if you have a team captain rank over the league just host a game by your name example "!host blah" it means you can kick anyone who has joined this game as in it's your game and not a signed one. You are not allowed to open slots/kick gamers from a signed game that they signed in.

Season Rules•Each season is 60 days, we give out lot of prizes
•Egypt will reset all the stats/points every season !

Credits to EAL Rules !
Regards, Vip-Sexy

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